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Is it ADHD, ASD, or is it childhood?fb-adhd

To understand more about distractibility and lack of focus/attention in children, check out our ADHD Help-Kit.  If you child is struggling socially and emotionally, check out our mental health resources including autism.

View my SCMP article on mental health diagnosis.

Handy Parenting Tools

To learn more about your parenting style, check out these Self-help Checklists.  Print out bonding activities from our super handy Parenting Printables.

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*Common Parenting Struggles*

A) Does your child seem “unmotivated” or “lazy”?fb-motivation

Does s/he mop around and procrastinate at homework time? Does s/he say “I don’t know” a lot and give up easily, or approaches new or difficult tasks with relentless hesitation, or explosive tantrums?

B) Dealing with a defiant/angry child whose go-to response is opposition?


Do you feel disrespected, invisible, and losing control? Is every day a tug of war and it leaves you feeling exhausted and demoralized, and wishing that there was a different way to respond and manage.

C) Can parents teach EQ skills at home while promoting sibling harmony? Absolutely!

The importance of EQ and problem-solving skills are widely known. Learn practical steps to cultivate these skills and to foster sibling harmony.