Warning Signs of Mental Illness in a Child

Some of the warning signs of mental illness in a child include:

  1. Your child is having more difficulty at school.
  2. Your child is hitting or bullying other children.
  3. Your child is attempting to injure himself.
  4. Your child is avoiding friends and family.
  5. Your child is experiencing frequent mood swings.
  6. Your child is experiencing intense emotions such as angry outbursts or extreme fear.
  7. Your child is lacking energy or motivation.
  8. Your child is having difficulty concentrating.
  9. Your child is having difficulty sleeping, or is having a lot of nightmares.
  10. Your child has a lot of physical complaints.
  11. Your child is neglecting his or her appearance.
  12. Your child is obsessed with his or her weight, shape, or appearance.
  13. Your child is eating significantly more or less than usual.

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