Kids Can Get Depressed Too


  1. Change in mood above and beyond normal teenager mood swings: Look for unusual irritability and sadness or crying that becomes concerning.
  2. Drop in grades: Do not ignore academic problems! It can be a leading signal that something is wrong.
  3. Changes in friendships: Are you noticing less frequent talk about friends? Less time spent with friends? Spending time with new friends?
  4. Withdrawal and isolation: Is your teen hibernating in his or her room more than normal? This can be a sign that he or she isn’t coping well in the outside world.
  5. Loss of interest in activities: If your teen normally spends every day playing tennis or basketball, but now couldn’t care less about those pursuits, this may be a sign.
  6. Lack of motivation: Teens are not always known for having high motivation, but any changes for the worse should be noted.
  7. Absences and tardiness: Depression doesn’t want teens to go to school, nor to get there on time. It simply doesn’t care.

  8. Family history of depression: Does someone else in your family have depression? Do you?

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