Adolescent Depression

Adolescent Depresseion | Bilingual Clinical Psychologist | Beautiful Mind HK

Depression has many faces.  We have all heard of “I thought she was fine,” “Why didn’t he tell us?” or “No one knew.”

Getting into an Ivy League or earning good grades doesn’t exempt one from mental health struggles.  Learn more.

Common signs of Adolescent Depression are:

  • Change in mood above and beyond normal teenager mood swings
  • Drop in grades
  • Changes in friendships
  • Withdrawal and isolation
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Lack of motivation
  • Absences and tardiness
  • Family history of depression

If your teen is presented with issues involving suicidality, trauncy, bullying, cutting, eating disorders, excessive gaming, or extreme isolation, contact me and we can talk through your situation.

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High-functioning Depression

It is not uncommon for a teen to pull off average or even above-average academic performance while struggling with a mental illness.  So, be careful not to rely solely on school grades to gauge how well your teen is doing.  Teens and adults who are successful at school/work but who also suffer from high-functioning depression are common among those who seek treatment.

What Parents Can Do

If your teen is crumbling on the inside while trying to push through, listening to them non-judgmentally (i.e., no instruction, no lecture, just listen with empathy!) will mean the world to them.

Specific advice that addresses suicidality

General advice on what parents can do to support their teens: an age-by-age guide to help you connect.