Couples Therapy

Marriage Counseling in Hong Kong

“We are never so vulnerable as when we love.”


—Sigmund Freud 


Why marriage counseling (aka couples therapy)?  Do you and your partner…

  • feel frustrated/helpless because you two can’t get out of heated arguments, despite how arguing has been extremely hurtful and unproductive?
  • feel saddened/hurt by the distance, coldness, and disconnection in your relationship, while not knowing what to do about it?
  • feel disrespected, belittled, or controlled by your partner, while s/he doesn’t seem to get or care how much this is hurting you?
  • feel devastated by a loss or a betrayal (e.g. an affair), and don’t know whether or how to save your relationship?
  • waver between leaving and staying, and want some help to decide one way or another?

Though this list is not exhaustive, if some of these questions resonate with you, you will find it helpful to talk to a professional about what’s happening in your relationship.  We repeat what we don’t repair.

If you are seeking service for your child or as an individual, please go to Child Therapy or Individual Therapy.  To see why people want to see a clinical psychologist, visit Common Concerns.

Making the first step might not be easy…

Because therapy is first and foremost a personal experience, how it works, how you feel about and respond to it, and what benefits you could gain from it are best experienced through a consultation.  However, that is easier said than done.  These following questions might be on your mind.

How do I know…

  • my relationship needs help? (Some of these checklists might help.)
  • what to expect?
  • that I won’t be judged?
  • that my relationship issues are in fact resolvable?

These are all legitimate questions, and well worth exploring.  You can consider scheduling an initial consultation with me to address some of these questions.

Does this sound like your situation?

When a couple comes in to see us, they are usually at a stage where their relationship has caused a distressful amount of hurt, distance, pain, and resentment.  Some of these distresses are communicated through open conflicts or non-verbal tension that permeates the fabric of the relationship.  Some other couples find themselves dealing with a betrayal so significant that they wonder if they should just pack and leave, or if they should stay and work on repair.  More often than not, couples have lost sight of how they ended up at this very unhappy place.

Therapy can provide a way for couples to identify unmet needs behind their unsuccessful communication, gain control of their destructive patterns, learn new skills to communicate clearly, and gain insights into what triggers them.  You two can make steps towards breaking the unhelpful momentum of spiraling downwards into a dissolution of the relationship.

What if we want to find out more?

If you feel uncertain about what you need, or unsure if I am the right person for the two of you, these are very good questions to ponder.  The purpose of an initial consultation is for you to tell me what you are struggling with and ask me some questions, and then we can find out together if working with me is something that suits and feels right for the two of you.

How Dr. Bertie Wai works

When working with couples, I focus first on getting a sense of the unhelpful pattern that got both partners feeling stuck.  One such common pattern is that one partner is very vocal and persistent about his/her needs (this partner is often called “controlling, demanding, unreasonable” etc), while the other one pulls away to avoid the heat (this one is often labelled as “cold, unloving, distant, walled-off”, or simply “s/he doesn’t give a shit about me!”).  Another common pattern is both partners are very vocal, but their intense emotionality drowns their communication and leaves both feel unheard and uncared for.  There are, of course, other unhelpful patterns.  But once partners understand how they each contribute to that cycle of unhelpful behavior that feeds on itself, they can begin to make changes to break that cycle.

Visit the Therapy Q & A page for more info.

The Power of You!

If you and your partner are not at a place where therapy is an option, visit our Relationship Kit for self-help tips.

When it comes to working on your relationship, remember the Serenity Prayer.  Focus on what YOU can change, and start there.  You will discover the power you have on changing your partner, when YOUR own behavior shifts.

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