Donald Trump’s narcissism betrays a fragile ego lashing out in rage

  • The popular notion that narcissists are endowed with an extraordinary reservoir of confidence, self-importance and unconditional self-regard is mistaken
  • Narcissists like Trump try to mask their shortcomings and constantly attack others to protect their own fragile egos from being exposed and collapsing
The fiery US presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden set the internet ablaze with criticism. The debate was described as chaotic, messy and a national embarrassment. CNN’s Jake Tapper summed up the debate in a colourful analogy: “That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck.”

Negative reviews rained on Trump’s self-congratulating parade, criticising him as a bully for bulldozing Biden and steamrollering Chris Wallace, the moderator of the debate. The 90-plus-minute barrage of personal attacks, insults, interruptions and incoherence was often credited to Trump’s lack of integrity, intelligence and decorum.

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