Free Parenting Interview

In Hong Kong’s increasingly stressful and highly competitive society, what should parents do?

Dr. Elbert Lee and I are both psychologists. We are collecting ideas for a book that we want to write for Hong Kong parents. We want to hear everything about your stress, the severe academic competition, your hopes and dreams for your child, your worries about the future, and the seemingly unending mental, emotional, or physical exhaustion!

To that end, we invite you to come in for an interview where you can share:

  • your parenting approach
  • difficulties you face and major headaches
  • your view of the current parenting climate, and more…

If you prefer, part of the interview can be a consultation where you are welcome to ask questions and get feedback regarding a parenting issue or a struggle you face. So you get a free informal consultation for your time and contribution to the book project!


Dr. Elbert Lee & Dr. Bertie Wai

Dr. Elbert Lee is a faculty member at Upper Iowa University, Hong Kong Campus. He teaches developmental psychology, with an emphasis on personality development from childhood to adolescence. His study and writing interests are in the areas literature and archetypal psychology, the role of individuation in personal growth and relationship development. Dr. Lee is an accomplished writer and has contributed to various local and international literary publications.

Dr. Bertie Wai is a bi-lingual clinical psychologist with extensive experience working with parents and their children in the US & HK. At Beautiful Mind, she provides child, individual, and family therapy, as well as support.