Other Services

Parenting Support Group

Beautiful Mind  offers 1) a discussion-based, solution-focused parenting support group, as well as a 2) flexible module-based parenting course.



For the parenting course, there are 2 1-hour sessions in each module.

  • 1st module: Parenting Don’ts and Why
  • 2nd module: Parenting Dos and Why
  • 3rd module: Happier Spouse, Happier Parent
  • 4th module: How to Diffuse Emotional Hot-Buttons


Parenting consultation

“It takes a village to raise a child”!    Without enough support, parenting can feel daunting at times, as raising a child can present multiple challenges that leave parents feeling helpless, exhausted, or even overwhelmed.

At the same time, parents are in a very powerful position to influence their child’s development and behavior.  Crucial to successful parenting is parents’ own self-care and having access to support: in the form of friends, family, parenting networks, or a parenting consultation.


Beautiful Mind  offers the following workshops for parents, teachers, and corporate clients.

*Workshop A:

Fostering EQ through Attachment-based Parenting (*free)

Workshop B:

What Makes and Breaks a Relationship?

Workshop C:

Emotions and Learning 

Workshop D:

The ABCs of ADHD and How To Help You and Your Child