Group-based Parenting Support

Beautiful Mind offers the following group-based parenting support services:



  1. a multi-module parenting course
  2. a discussion-based, solution-focused parenting support group


1. The multi-module parenting course includes the following 4 modules:

  • 1st module: Parenting Don’ts and Why
  • 2nd module: Parenting Dos and Why
  • 3rd module: Happier Spouse, Happier Parent
  • 4th module: How to Diffuse Emotional Hot-Buttons

Watch a video summary of parenting do’s and don’ts

Watch a video on how parent’s words shape a child’s inner world


2. The second discussion-based parenting support group provides group members a space to share their concerns and work on overcoming challenges together.

Fun time at a parenting camp with parents and kids!


**Currently, these group-based parenting support services are only open to corporate clients and community-based organizations.  If your organization is interested in sponsoring such a group, contact us with your information.


**For individual-based support, check out parenting consultation.