The following self-help checklists are intended to be informative rather than diagnostic.

These checklists are not a substitute for professional mental health services; rather, they are tools to help shed light on your condition, or that of a loved one.  A high or low score alone is inconclusive.  But if you feel you have reasons to be concerned with a problem, you are advised to talk to a professional about what worries you.

Beautiful Mind is not affiliated with any of these organizations.  Users are advised to use their best judgment when accessing the following resources.

General Screener:

The ADDitude Symptom Checker (The ADDitude Symptom Checker will guide you through a series of questions based on your primary concerns, and then compare your responses to symptoms of more than a dozen common psychological and learning conditions.)

General Mental Health: Adult 

Adult Depression and Anxiety Checklist

Anger Self-Assessment

Borderline Personality Disorder

General Mental Health: Child

Child Depression Checklist

Warning Signs in Children (Scroll down to mid-page for the signs)

Developmental Milestone Checklists (18 months, 2 yrs, 3 yrs)

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Asperger’s

Autism and Asperger’s Quiz

Childhood Autism Spectrum Test

Asperger’s Adult AQ Test


Children ADHD Checklist

Adult ADHD Checklist


Drug and Alcohol Use Checklist

Cyber Sex Addiction

Social Media Addiction


Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationship 

Authenticity in Relationships

Love Maps

Intimacy Test (Scroll down to mid-page for the Test)

A Fun Way to Gauge the Strength of Your Relationship


Short Parenting Style Checklist

Long Parenting Style Checklist

Over-parenting Quiz

A Fun Quiz on “Are you a yes parent?

Mental Strength

Self-Reflective Exercise