Therapy Q&A Test

How long is your session?

Each consultation and each therapy session is 50 mins long.  For couples and family therapy, the first session will be 1.5 sessions long (75 mins instead of 50 mins).

How long is treatment?

Treatment lengths and frequencies depend on a variety of factors, including the nature, scope, and history of your presenting issues.  This is something we can discuss in an initial consultation.


What is an initial consultation?

An initial consultation will be our first meeting.  The purpose is for you to tell me what you (or your child/teen/you two as a couple) are struggling with, and to get a sense of how I work.  It is also for us to discuss what areas we will be focusing on if we continue with treatment.  An initial consultation can be one to a few sessions long, depending on the kind of issues you need help with.

What is your cancellation policy?

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy.


Will you also treat my friend, relative, or work colleague?

If you are already in treatment with me, I will not be able to work with anyone with whom you have a significant relationship: including your close friend, relative/family member, or work colleague.  This is in the interest of protecting people's privacy.  I will be happy to provide them with a referral if they also wish to see a therapist.

The only exception is if your child is in treatment with me, and marital conflicts are making it difficult for spouses to co-parent effectively, then couples therapy with me might be considered.

Do you provide Skype/online therapy?

Skype therapy is for clients who experience difficulty coming to my office, who are traveling aboard, or who need emergency sessions to deal with life-disruptive circumstances.

Where is your office?

Please visit our Contact page.

***Child Therapy***

If you are seeking service for your child, please note that I will schedule a consultation with parents first (without the child’s presence) before I see the child.  The purpose is to to collect information regarding your concerns and observation, your child’s background and developmental history, and the presenting issue(s).  We will schedule a separate follow-up session for me to see your child.

How do I find out about my child’s progress in therapy?

I will meet with parents on a regular basis if your child is in treatment with me.  The frequency of these parenting sessions might vary, depending on the circumstances of your child and your family, and how long your child has been in treatment.  Parenting sessions are for you to ask me questions, share your concerns and observations of your child, and for me to support your parenting effort.

Find out more about child therapy.