Beautiful Mind offers these therapy services:

You may also want to see some of the Common Concerns that lead people to contact us.

Individual Therapy

Do you feel…

  • you get into jobs, situations, or relationships that are not entirely good for you, that you regret after the fact?
  • you have whirling thoughts and unsettling feelings that won’t stop and they are affecting your sleep and daily life?
  • your emotions are hard for you to bear, and you would do things that you know you shouldn’t just to stop feeling them (e.g., drugs, over-eating, self-harm)?
  • you somehow always find a way to not go after what you want, or you stop yourself and give up easily?

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Couples Therapy

Do you and your partner…

  • feel disrespected, unloved, and shut out, but your spouse doesn’t seem to see how this is hurting you?
  • feel mired in heated arguments or silent treatment, while tension rips apart your relationship?
  • feel very alone and abandoned by the other person, as if there is a cold wall between you two?
  • waver between leaving and staying, while repeating the same set of behavior/arguments when you are together?

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Child Therapy


Does your child…

  • show difficulty completing school work in a timely and orderly way?
  • struggle with forgetfulness and disorganization (forgetting about homework, losing important items, not being able to follow through with a plan or follow teachers’ instructions)?
  • have emotional meltdowns and oppositional tendencies, or behave in an irritable and withdrawn manner to the extent that causes concern in others (e.g., teachers, family friends, tutors)?

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